Friday, 8 August 2014

We are back!

So sorry for the time away. Life for all of us at 519 geeks is getting a bit hectic. A few new members, a few old ones left but the tutorials will prevail! 

Now we have the Second installment of our three part Tutorial series brought to you by....

Dani's Cosplay Supplies!

So where we last left off you had created the pattern for your worbla Armour by wrapping your model in cling wrap and painters tape. Now we are going to put what we made to use and begin your Armour.  (see the previous post under this one :D)

The things you will need are:

A Pen
Heat gun
EVA Foam
(also from cosplay supplies XD)
A Crafting Knife
Template for your embossing

 First step is to cut your template for embossing out of EVA foam. Make sure if there is alot of detail there is enough space to push the worbla down into it so it doesn't look like you just mashed it in. 
Next you need to trace the pattern you made onto the EVA foam and cut that out 

  Alright got that done? awesome....
Now do it again....ON THE WORBLA YAY!
So for cutting out the worbla you will need to of each piece. Our Armour had three pieces to it, two in the front and one in the back so we needed to cut out 6 pieces of worbla in total. What I did was traced around the patterns once then just eyeballed the second of each piece to make sure it would fit over the pattern with a bit to spare on each side. That way you can do lots of trimming. 

obviously the next step is to cut it out. 

on the right you see me just eyeballing the second pieces for the front of the armour. Just making sure there is enough to cover and enough to trim off. ---------->

Finally whip out the Trusty old Heat gun and start slowly heating up both sides of your worbla. Make sure to heat it up slowly on both sides until it is malleable and starts to get floppy. then take the side that was shiny before heating it up and apply your foam to that side.

Trim all the extra foam from around all your edges

Now remember those second pieces you made? the ones that were just eyeballed and bigger and didn't really have anything traced on them? yeah those ones. Now you get to heat that up slowly on both sides and place it on the other side of the EVA foam, Making a Worbla Sammich and trim that up leaving about an inch and a half on each side.
Normally you would actually sandwich the pieces so the worbla would meet in the middle of the EVA foam on the side. However for the look I was going for I needed something that looked big and clunky. Also since I was doing embossing on some of the edges I needed to re-enforce those edges with an extra bit of worbla on the side so I folded the front piece over to make a lip.

I did use a sculpting tool to help me flatten the edges. 

after getting everything sandwiched and ready to go you have to heat up your worbla again. yes slowly on both sides, but it won't be as floppy as before. do be careful tho the worbla can warp and you may not get it back to the shape you want it to.
Of course the best way to shape your worbla and make sure it's not going to be uncomfortable for you model is to shape it on them. You can also shape it on a dress form if that model is you.

and there you have it. If you have decided not to emboss the worbla you can leave it as it is and begin to prep it for paint... Coregeeks cosplay has found the best ways to make your worbla shiny and smooth!

as always thanks to the ever so awesome

and if you want to watch the video of us doing these steps you can do so here!

Till next time Geekies!

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